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Compassionate Quality Healthcare

We ask the right questions and listen to what is really important to you. 

When we understand what patients are going through and focus on their goals, the treatment, education and guidance we provide results in high patient satisfaction.

Our high value healthcare consists of excellent clinical outcomes while keeping healthcare costs low. 

Experience You Can Trust

 Dr. Vince Roberts is a chiropractic physician, board-certified chiropractic orthopedist and primary spine practitioner in private practice in Evanston, IL. 

As a primary spine practitioner, he cares for patients with problems like back or neck pain, disc pain, radiculopathy, spinal stenosis, headache and pregnancy-related lower back pain. 

As an orthopedist, he cares for and rehabilitates shoulder, hip and knee pain, as well as foot and ankle conditions. 

Evidence-Based, Personal Approach

We know how to effectively evaluate and treat the body when it gets injured and changes occur in the joints, ligaments, muscles and tendons.

We also know that in addition to that, evidence in the literature shows that each patient comes with their own pain and suffering experience as a result of their social and psychological influences.

We address these influences when evaluating each individual patient, giving us a better chance to guide them more effectively back to health.

Let us guide you

Get back to doing the things you love

If you have things you can no longer do as well as you did before... If you are missing out on things in your life that you wish you could do again... If you're having pain or problems that stop you from being your best self... 

It's time to set some goals and focus on what's important in your life. 

Let us guide you. 

What to Expect

Our approach pleasant and empathetic. It includes a full health history and physical exam, an evaluation of your movements and your limitations, as well as assessing the effect your discomfort, pain and suffering has had on your daily activities. 

We will render a diagnosis, limiting the use of invasive and costly tests and imaging, as well as identify what your goals are.

Our health records are all electronic, so you can fill out your information online before you get here so you have more one-on-one time with the doctor.

We are trained in a variety of chiropractic, physical therapy and rehabilitation approaches to cater to your specific needs.

Insurance is accepted and we are in-network with many insurance plans. Contact us see if your insurance plan benefits pay for our services.

One-on-One Care with Dr. Vince Roberts, DC, FACO


Dr. Vince Roberts has over 20 years’ experience in patient care and healthcare administration, having operated and directed multi-disciplinary practices throughout Chicagoland.  He earned his Chiropractic Doctorate degree in 1998, graduating summa cum laude, salutatorian from National College of Chiropractic (National University of Health Sciences). 

Dr. Roberts completed extensive post-doctoral education in non-surgical orthopedics, earning a specialty as board-certified Chiropractic Orthopedist, holds designation of Fellow of the Academy of Chiropractic Orthopedists (FACO) and is committed to ongoing education and the advancement of high value, low cost spine and extremity care through non-invasive, evidence-based approaches.

He is a member of the Illinois Chiropractic Society, American Chiropractic Association,and the  Primary Spine Practitioner Network

Dr. Roberts’ sport history includes gymnastics, BMX, cycling and running. He is an endurance athlete, trail and ultrarunner, which places him in the unique position of being able to provide effective care for injured or underperforming athletes (ask him about running 50 and 100 mile races after knee surgery). 

Originally from Buffalo, NY, he enjoys life in Evanston, has a son in college, a daughter in high school, supports local arts and theater, is involved in the local trail running scene and the Evanston Running Club


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